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Renea Marie

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If I can’t figure out what I’m going to be this halloween, this will be my backup.


"Some Punkins" c. 1950s

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Midday Must Have : Fall 2014 Nakimuli ” Leave it All Behind”

I’ve never had the opportunity to appearance fall weather but after seeing Nakimuli’s newest fall collection for 2014 I’m ready to pack my bags and ship off to a colder climate and leave this warm weather all behind !!

Crazy right? Lol I get that all the time, but honestly it has been awhile since I’ve been this astonished . The colours and the patterns have blown me away and the design on their limited  edition reversible crop jacket is just absolutely amazing .

Above shows some of the pieces you will find when you visit their website  ,available in sizes small -3X and ranging from $70 - $300 US.

Which of these items would make you leave it all behind?

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Chromat SS15

And their lovely plus sized models getting a more accurate selection of body shapes on the runway is always a plus for me. Especially when they have black silhouettes and geometric lines across them like this.

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I realized the my eBay link doesn’t seem to show what I listed..? So here’s direct links to the two things I put up. 

Black Plaid Ruffel Button Down with tie - Torrid size 2

Also this one:
Thermal 3/4 Length top with hearts and ribbon detail

I promise I won’t spam you guys with eBay posts. I’m just excited. lol

Oh hey, y’all.

I started selling stuff on eBay. I’ve started by listing 2 items just to see how it works. So far it seems pretty easy. But if you’re interesting in buying some of my wardrobe - a lot was only worn a few times - there’s the link to my eBay. More will be posted in the near future :)

Most of it is Torrid size 2, but I’ll be listing some lace trimmed tanks that are size 3.




stretchmarks, side rolls, fat body

Beautiful body

I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I am covered with white tiger stripes, and the years of having this blog have helped a lot with that. I have white stretch marks pretty much everywhere. But it’s okay, that’s just me. <3

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ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE OUTFITS ON EARTH. It’s Beccabae/Afatfox’s style, I must admit! She’s inspired an adoration of Foxes!!! I got the dress at, it was the LAST one and I’m so psyched I got it when I did because they were sold out!!! Hell bunny can be found at various retailers like,,, and a few more that I can’t think of! i’ll add them in the tags.

Cardigan~ Hell bunny (2x) ~Domino Dollhouse~

Dress~ Hellbunny (3x) ~ SweetEchoPlus~

Tights~ Wal-mart (George something?)

Shoes~ Nude flats from Torrid


Ah, so cute!

dat cardigan tho

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@ The Curvy Couture Road Show 2014(Melbourne, Australia)

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Today I sang an evanescence song in my closet and then posted it on the internet.

Also, hello again, tumblr. <3

I’m set on bananas, at least for a couple of days. I have a banana addiction. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

I was editing a video and I realized that my weird eye movements were caught on tape and I couldn’t stop giggling