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Fed Up Fat Girl, The Meme

Completely here for this


" I like sex with big girls- they appreciate it more" 

"you have such a beautiful——face"

"You’d look so hot if you lost weight!"

"WOAH….You look amazing, have you lost weight?"

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Lace, floral, and pastel dresses to make a springtime statement.


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Lucifer is judging me for trying to rap an iggy azalea song.


Some people have told me that I shouldn’t be wearing bikinis. I even receive (pretty regularly) anon hate mail because of my photos I post. However, I will never stop. I’m not ashamed of my body, and even if someone believes that I should be, I won’t. Loving my body has brought me so much happiness, and I refuse to go back down that path of low self-esteem and poor body image.

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I decided I’m going to provide closed captioning for all of my videos. Out of curiosity, I checked out YouTube’s automatic captioning. It’s worthless! It doesn’t take long for me to transcribe what I am actually saying. <3

This way, those who are hearing impaired, want to watch in silence, or can’t stand the sound of my voice can still (hopefully) enjoy.

Good thing I made this decision when I only have 5 videos to transcribe. lol

2/5 done. 

New video! Get ready with me!

I was in my PJs and in a towel…so that’s interesting I suppose. 

Also, lol, the play button in the thumbnail looks like a clown nose. 

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I’m also in other places <3


Narrating a “Get ready with me” video aww yisss

New video!
I did the “Big Girl Tag”

I also realized I chose I thumbnail where I wasn’t wearing the same shirt. Oh well… lol

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. Don’t forget to click subscribe for more videos in the future! :D 

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Love this outfit! Beautiful <3

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TOP 5 SHYB Frequently Asked Questions:

4) How do I overcome my fear of being seen/fear of visibility?

Here are some activities that in my experience have helped! 

Growing up incredibly shy, I was always afraid that people would see me and be offended by the fact that I looked different from everyone else. I was afraid that they would see me and think that I was ugly. After recovering from anorexia during my freshman year of high school, I realized that I should not only learn to accept myself for who I am and how I was made but also LOVE myself for my individuality. Once you are able to love yourself and take pride in who you are, other people will begin to love and respect you as well. 

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Love this

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