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I’m set on bananas, at least for a couple of days. I have a banana addiction. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

I was editing a video and I realized that my weird eye movements were caught on tape and I couldn’t stop giggling

Exploring pond water


My Skelton dress from modcloth came! It’s a size too small at the moment but that’s okay.

So here’s another music video - I’m having way more fun creating music than the beauty channel but I still love the beauty channel. I think for that channel, I’m going to make it a vloggy type ordeal with some girly crap thrown in there. I’d also like to do a Q&A video or maybe some sort of advice video at some point on that channel too. <3

I’ll be filming for that channel today.

As far as this channel with music, it’s all fun. I’m aware that I’m a pretty mediocre musician and my singing voice isn’t that great but practice makes perfect, right? The point is, I’m having loads of fun producing them. I have 2 more completed songs, I just haven’t filmed for them yet. I also have an idea for a Bruno Mars song…we’ll see what happens.

I want to keep up with my trend of using non-conventional instruments, or limiting it to 1 real instrument per song. Most things make some sort of sound and I love that you can make music out of it - I’m thinking about going thrifting just to pick up some stuff that makes noises that tickle my fancy. Perhaps I should watch some ASMR videos for inspiration lol

Anyway! I hope you enjoy, please subscribe. :D

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Let’s see if I achieve the voluminous hair of my dreams. Probably not since I inherited my dad’s lifeless hair. Hot rollers are my only hope unless I get a perm. *crosses fingers*


Tess Munster by Girlie Show Photography

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It’s a baggy tshirt kind of day.



LOOKBOOK: Plus Size Festival Fashion


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Been busy with work and school.

Videos will resume again asap. <3

I normally wouldn’t spend $90 on an article of clothing, but I’ve been waiting for this to come back! 

XL better fit because it doesn’t look like they brought it back in plus sizes which is annoying. 1X would probably be my size…but I’ve been exercising a lot so maybe in due time it will fit if it’s too snug.


Oh so i decided to do a musical channel too. I thought I should just get over being a mediocre musician….practice makes perfect and youtube will put the pressure on me to practice more.

I’ve never really done musical videos nor have I done something without conventional instruments…nor have I ever done harmonies on garageband so that didn’t go so well but whatever lol

I tried to make it like the original Lorde video…but it came out kind of awkward. I’m telling myself it’s okay because it’s my first time.

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