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New video!
I did the “Big Girl Tag”

I also realized I chose I thumbnail where I wasn’t wearing the same shirt. Oh well… lol

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. Don’t forget to click subscribe for more videos in the future! :D 

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Love this outfit! Beautiful <3

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TOP 5 SHYB Frequently Asked Questions:

4) How do I overcome my fear of being seen/fear of visibility?

Here are some activities that in my experience have helped! 

Growing up incredibly shy, I was always afraid that people would see me and be offended by the fact that I looked different from everyone else. I was afraid that they would see me and think that I was ugly. After recovering from anorexia during my freshman year of high school, I realized that I should not only learn to accept myself for who I am and how I was made but also LOVE myself for my individuality. Once you are able to love yourself and take pride in who you are, other people will begin to love and respect you as well. 

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Love this

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Look at this angel.

God look at them stretch marks.

Marry me

I love herrrrrr

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Breaking Standards: A Breathtaking, Untouched Gallery of Real People

Watch out, photos of real people are here; no Photoshop, no crash diets, no corsets, no untested slimming pills, no laxatives, no light tricks, no shame. And that’s the way we like it. Julia Fullerton-Batten is showing the human body as it actually is.

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Today I filmed another video of easy, light, and casual looks you can do with your electric palette. 

You can watch it here:

I bought this palette when it first came out and it’s just been sitting around because I haven’t had time to really have a lot of fun with the bold colors. I felt like it was a waste to just have it sitting there while I saved it for something super bold! I got to thinking, “what if I created some casual looks that I could wear to work?” Thus, these lightly colored looks were born. 

I work in the medical field and when I wear makeup to work, it’s usually pretty light and casual, especially if I’m wearing some flashy scrubs that day. So with these looks, I feel like I am getting some actual use out of this wonderful palette. 

For my foundation I started off with It! Cosmetics CC Cream and then for a main foundation, I used a light layer of Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. I set it with Nyx Studio Finishing Powder. I did a tiny tiny tiny bit of contouring using a shade from Smashbox.

If you have any suggestions for future videos or have any questions, feel free to hit me up here or on youtube. :)

Here’s a link to my ask box if you want.


I took a pic of mah face! 

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What am I going to do with all this style? I think I love Lost and Fringe too much.

Corsets were meant for curves.

do you enjoy intercouse

Asked by Anonymous

If I had to guess, a majority of humans enjoy intercourse. There’s absolutely no shame if someone doesn’t enjoy it, but I do not fall into that category.

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