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  • 19th November
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Last Semester And I’m A Fat Nerd.

My last semester at HSU is coming up and I am officially registered for my classes. This semester is coming to an end and next semester will conclude my time at Humboldt State University!

I only need one more class and I am out of there.
Now I’m job/career track searching.

Anyways. Classes for Spring 2012:
German level 6
Environmental Politics
Cultural Geography
Global Economics and Politics
Weight Control (Online)

I am only in need of taking Global Economics and Politics. The others I am taking for fun. I’d probably actually take Global Economics and Politics for fun too if it weren’t required. Yes, I find those subjects to be fun/interesting.
I also don’t even need to take any more German classes…but I already have the book for it so I might as well take it. I was thinking about taking a few PE classes like yoga or even something like middle eastern dance…I can’t dance but it would still be fun lol

And seriously? A weight control class on the internet? That is probably the most perfect class for me. Where has this been all my life?

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